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What are your terms and conditions of sale?
How do I know what materials to select for different types of fluids?

This guide provides information on types of valves that are available for most common corrosive and noncorrosive gases and liquids. For applications in which abnormal conditions exist and for other fluids, consult our factory trained sales representatives, giving full details on operating conditions.

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How can I convert metric to imperial values?
  • Area - square inch, square feet, square yard, square centimeter, square meter, acre
  • Energy - BTU, kilowatt/hr, watt/hr, watt/sec
  • Flow - gallons/sec, gallons/min, liters/sec, cubic feet/hr, cubic centimeter/sec, cubic meter/hr, and more
  • Length - inch, feet, yard, mile, millimeter, centimeter, meter, kilometer
  • Pressure - lb/in2, lbs/ft2, bar, pascal, kilopascal, torrs, and more
  • Temperature - Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin
  • Velocity - ft/sec, ft/min, miles/min, cm/sec, m/sec, km/min, and more
  • Volume - pints, quarts, gallons, cubic inches, cubic yards, cubic meters, liter, and more
  • Weight - ounces, pounds, tons, grams, kilograms

Use our interactive Conversion Calculator to help you convert metric to imperial values.

How do I select the proper hose assembly?

In order to obtain the best service from any particular hose application, two important conditions must be fulfilled:

  1. Select the right hose for the job
  2. Make sure that it is fitted correctly and used in the proper manner

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